Saturday, March 3, 2007

An Update from Jeff Stewart

Gracing you with his presence, is the Honorable Jeff Stewart, our favorite "veteran" alumni......

Hello all, again we are here and starting to get tired, but the kids are all still totally psyched and are having a great time. We have kicked all the parents out and it only the dancers, alumni and faculty. Danielle wants to go dance, and she is starting to whine about it . Okay now back to Meg , sorry no great words of wisdom, lol out to all alums who didn't make it back...

We're anxiously awaiting a great game of Simon Says with Dr. Black, and the long night ahead of us. The dancers have not yet showed any signs of tire and they devoured mounds of hot dogs at midnight.

Our next blog will feature another special guest...yet to be named, so stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow.......this is amazing. Thanks to all the Alumni who were able to make it and take the Dance to the next level. It's tough not being there, especially when you've been a dancer, alumni, and a recipient's son. My Dad would be proud of how much the dance has grown even in the two years since he's passed.

Airbands again? Sweet! Does anyone remember the airband "POOP"? No? Nobody? Ouch, I'm old. 1996 for ya. Anyways, they were hilarious. Well, enjoy the weekend, request lots of AC/DC, turn people upside down and take their change, and remember that we are the Bulldogs, and the Bulldogs are pretty special animals.

Mark Doyle
Class o' 1997