Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday!

Well, here we are again...much like Christmas, the time between SHMD 30 and SHMD 31 has slipped by quicker than expected. And, much like Christmas, the students of South High are starting to get that fever---the excitement, the countdown, the planning, the costumes---it's almost too much to bear! Hopefully they're all out working their tails off to raise them dollars again this year.

We're now ten days from the big event and while students ready themselves, the community around the dance has begun to do just the same. Parent volunteer meetings have had astonishing turnouts this year and alot of great minds have come together to add some new great ideas to the dance this year. Alumni have been sumonned from every corner of the country to come and do their part. There has been a feeling of overwhelming confidence from the class of 2007, our first time alums, that they will make a big showing and be a great contribution to the alumni team. The guestbook posted on our website has been overloaded with Class of '07 pride! That's a great things to see and we're happy they're so eager to carry on tradition.

So, as we near the big day, let's remember what our goal is--to change lives, and remember exactly whose lives will be changed. Please check the website for new and/or changed information in the days leading up to the dance.

We'll see you in ten short days!