Saturday, March 3, 2007

An Afternoon Update

We've made it to 1:25pm, and we're still going strong. I know I promised you another guest blogger with this update, but I assure you your next blog will be written by someone very special.

Alot has gone on this morning...we made it through "I Love the 90's" and "If I Had a Million Dollars" with many great costumes on parade. You could hear gasps in the gym as long-forgotten 90's pop-culture was paraded before us...things like "Bananas in Pajamas" and "Furbies" all made appearances. The wonderful thing about "If I Had a Million Dollars" was the incredible number of student groups who, in one way or another, made it clear they would give a million dollars to the dance if they had it. That's devotion, and the kind we love best!

The alumni have met to begin discussions about Spirit Award recipients and the list will be very difficult to narrow down.

The community has really come out this year, supporting us by buying t-shirts, getting haircuts and grabbing a bite to eat at the concession stand. Our live and silent auctions are filled with impressive prizes that are starting to see bids already. Good Luck!

Everything here is going just swimmingly and we'll update again soon with the names of some of our top fundraisers, when they are announced and awarded. I'm going to have to agree with Tom Myott that there is an overwhelming "good feeling" circulating about our total this year...will you be here for the big reveal?

We survived the Night!

It is now 7:00am and I am happy to report we've all made it through the night! It was an interesting one, and not without it's very humorous moments....

The dancers practiced "Strutting their Stuff" without making Jeff Stewart freak out, which is quite a feat. When it came time for our 4-6am sleep break, the cafeteria was chuck full of dancers so spirited they refused to sleep. That's the kind of spirit we like to see. The dancers are now preparing for their next costume change and the long day of dancing ahead of them.

The alumni worked through the night, playing "The rubberband game" and "water jug bowling." The Freshmen boys were treated to a very loud wake-up call by resident loudman Mike Howard, and even our new Principal, Ms. Biviano, was initiated into the dance with an alarm clock of air horns and trumpets. As the sun rose, we found ourselves making Dunkin Donuts runs and laughing at way too many things that probably wouldn't have been funny were we not so tired!

The community volunteers are now filtering back into the school, setting up the t-shirt table, haircut booth, silent auction and raffles. There are sure to be many surprises at our closing get here early to get a good seat.

It's a late night turned early morning and the dance is still going strong. Your next blog will be posted by another, yet to be named, special guest. Stay tuned and stop by!

An Update From Tom Myott

Our guest blogger providing you with your 4:30am update is Tom Myott, affectionately known as "Mommy Tyott" or "The Cherry Bandit"...... Well I have a good feeling about the total.. call it a premonition or gut instinct..... Things have been going well. 30th year festivities are progressing in marathon fashion. Alumni regaling stories from previous dances and catching up with new news. Once a year laugh until you cry! Tired and punchy..... things are going well....:)

An Update from Jeff Stewart

Gracing you with his presence, is the Honorable Jeff Stewart, our favorite "veteran" alumni......

Hello all, again we are here and starting to get tired, but the kids are all still totally psyched and are having a great time. We have kicked all the parents out and it only the dancers, alumni and faculty. Danielle wants to go dance, and she is starting to whine about it . Okay now back to Meg , sorry no great words of wisdom, lol out to all alums who didn't make it back...

We're anxiously awaiting a great game of Simon Says with Dr. Black, and the long night ahead of us. The dancers have not yet showed any signs of tire and they devoured mounds of hot dogs at midnight.

Our next blog will feature another special guest...yet to be named, so stay tuned!!

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Dance Has Begun!

I am writing to you now, for the first time, LIVE from the dance! This is a monumental step in connecting the Marathon Dance to our global supporters.

We began tonight with very emotional and spirited Opening Ceremonies, including a video projection of a torch lighting done by Nice Guys Productions. It was just the thing to get our dancers up off the floor, in human puzzle position, and start moving their feet. They were encouraged by a few past recipients, including Karen Bailey who had the room screaming with excitement, and radio DJs that have been supportive in publicizing the event. Our own Marathon DJs, Kelly and Jerry were awarded a plaque, thanking them both for 23 years of devoted service.

We've also successfully completed our first Air Band and Costume Party. The airband skit, performed by a group of girls calling themselves "PussyCat Meow" rocked out in silly costumes to a classic Michael Jackson song. The first Costume Party, "Toga" was also a big success. We had "goats" dressed in Togas, and were even treated to a G-rated Chippendales show by one group of boys!

The 50/50 has already raised $1500, and t-shirts are flying off the shelves. This year there are a few extra hot items to buy, including a wristband in dedication to Jessica Bayer as well as one to raise awareness for Brain Cancer.

Things are really getting underway as we prepare to lock up the building for the night. I will return, as your loyal blogger, in a few hours with another exciting update. Stay tuned and we'll hopefully see MANY of you tomorrow!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Miles of wire and tons of t-shirts

Walking into South High right now, you'd get the sudden overwhelming feeling the building has been sprayed down with Marathon! Tireless DJs and helpful volunteers are stringing miles of chord and wire across the gym and loving the "up and down" of the scaffolding they're using to get the wires in just the right place. Streamers are swaying from the ceiling through the halls, and banners are hung throughout the gym. The art room has been turned into "T-Shirt Folding Zone," where volunteers are busy folding and organizing t-shirts to be sold, to be worn by the dancers and the alumni shirts as well. Silent and Live auction items are starting to accumulate too, and there are some beautiful things that shouldn't be missed!

The weather predicted for tomorrow does not look pretty. We're expecting a "wintry mix" according to John Q. Weatherman. If school should be cancelled tomorrow, the dance WILL go on. The only thing stopping those feet from dancing would be some type of Snow Emergency. Please stayed tuned to the local weather news, for your own travelling safety, but fear not, we shall dance!