Saturday, March 3, 2007

We survived the Night!

It is now 7:00am and I am happy to report we've all made it through the night! It was an interesting one, and not without it's very humorous moments....

The dancers practiced "Strutting their Stuff" without making Jeff Stewart freak out, which is quite a feat. When it came time for our 4-6am sleep break, the cafeteria was chuck full of dancers so spirited they refused to sleep. That's the kind of spirit we like to see. The dancers are now preparing for their next costume change and the long day of dancing ahead of them.

The alumni worked through the night, playing "The rubberband game" and "water jug bowling." The Freshmen boys were treated to a very loud wake-up call by resident loudman Mike Howard, and even our new Principal, Ms. Biviano, was initiated into the dance with an alarm clock of air horns and trumpets. As the sun rose, we found ourselves making Dunkin Donuts runs and laughing at way too many things that probably wouldn't have been funny were we not so tired!

The community volunteers are now filtering back into the school, setting up the t-shirt table, haircut booth, silent auction and raffles. There are sure to be many surprises at our closing get here early to get a good seat.

It's a late night turned early morning and the dance is still going strong. Your next blog will be posted by another, yet to be named, special guest. Stay tuned and stop by!

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