Thursday, March 1, 2007

Miles of wire and tons of t-shirts

Walking into South High right now, you'd get the sudden overwhelming feeling the building has been sprayed down with Marathon! Tireless DJs and helpful volunteers are stringing miles of chord and wire across the gym and loving the "up and down" of the scaffolding they're using to get the wires in just the right place. Streamers are swaying from the ceiling through the halls, and banners are hung throughout the gym. The art room has been turned into "T-Shirt Folding Zone," where volunteers are busy folding and organizing t-shirts to be sold, to be worn by the dancers and the alumni shirts as well. Silent and Live auction items are starting to accumulate too, and there are some beautiful things that shouldn't be missed!

The weather predicted for tomorrow does not look pretty. We're expecting a "wintry mix" according to John Q. Weatherman. If school should be cancelled tomorrow, the dance WILL go on. The only thing stopping those feet from dancing would be some type of Snow Emergency. Please stayed tuned to the local weather news, for your own travelling safety, but fear not, we shall dance!

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