Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Two Days to Go

We are now just two days away from Marathon 3.0 and the excitement in South Glens Falls could be cut with a knife!

The students are pumping up Marathon spirit with theme days at the high school, during which everyone dresses in red and blue one day, or mismatched clothing on another. We've got spirit, yes we do.....

The Talk of the Town fundraiser was a huge success on Monday...the pizza and french fries were amazing, as always.

The new edition of The Chronicle hits newsstands tomorrow, and my source on the inside says it's a to-die-for issue. Be sure to watch for it!

Tomorrow, Marathon prep will go into full swing, as the teams arrive to begin setting up the gym. Over the next two days, the gym will undergo it's usual makeover with a few new changes. Not only will the lighting, staging and music equipment be put into place, but this year we've also acquired a new gym floor liner, which will begin installation tomorrow. We've also added new lighting equipment to our evergrowing collection, and it's sure to add even more fun to the dancing.

We're about 48 hours away from Marathon 3.0 mayhem....let the games begin!

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