Sunday, February 25, 2007

Marathon Week

The St. Michael's breakfast today was a huge success and a great deal of gratitude is extended to all those who attended, organized, worked hard and ate alot!

We've got one more fundraiser before the big night arrives. Tomorrow is Talk of the Town day, and 10% of all sales will be donated to the Marathon Dance. So, it sounds like it may be time for a pizza party!! This is the last big chance to make a difference before the dance this weekend.

We are now officially in the midst of Marathon mayhem. As the week progesses, the students will be busying themselves by digging deeper for those last donations, prepping the school and pumping it full of spirit and putting the finishing touches on costumes. The alumni are assembling from all corners of the country, in eager anticipation to lend a helping hand. Members of the community are dusting off lighting equipment and giant 50/50 barrels, tying off the last strings of quilts up for raffle, stuffing prize bags for our amazing high fundraisers, printing signs that read "Salmon," "Fuschia," and "Teal" to keep our dancers in the right place at the right time and gathering photos and video clips from recipients old and new for what will surely be the greatest film production yet by the Nice Guys.

In the midst of all the mayhem, it is important to remember our unsung heros, particularly the student advisors who put countless hours and enormous amounts of heart into the dance. Behind every dancer, every recipient, every orange slice and every problem solved, stands Jody Sheldon and Tom Myott. We recognize them at the dance as the ones who are sure everyone is aware of the rules when dancing begins, and also as the blurs running through the halls to put out one fire or another while escorting someone important to where they need to be and juggling two or three papers, t-shirts and cups of coffee all at the same time. Because you are overlooked, because you so graciously stand in the shadows, and because you always work through your headache to get us through ours, a big Thank You goes out to both Jody and Tom. You are truly appreciated.

Enjoy your Talk of the Town tomorrow and we'll see you Friday night!

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